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Today I heard an inspiring message and wanted to pass it along. Our brains are computers and what we program them to believe becomes our truth. If we program good - we expect good, if we program negative we return a negative result.

Just like a virus can slow down a perfectly good computer our wrong thinking can ruin our progress.

We can remove viruses from computers and we can remove negative thoughts from our minds. Whenever we encounter a thought that provides no value or benefit to our goals - DELETE! Run the software to remove the negative thought and keep your system humming along.

The message that inspired me today is Joel Osteen’s Delete the Negative (see the link below). He shares many powerful insights that should help you power through the day and create the life you love.

Anytime we think something negative - DELETE. This will take practice. It's difficult when so many things are coming at us to keep our thoughts together. Practice and discipline. I'm consciously working on this now. If I think a negative thought or if someone hurts my feelings or feeds a negative thought, I try to replace this with a positive variation

I have to do this over and over and over and over. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, find and replace. Sometimes this isn't easy because maybe for a moment, we feel like being negative. We feel like being annoyed or mad or even like giving up.

In these cases we need our program to override our desire to feel upset, negative or any emotion that might take us further from our goal. Let's nerd out and create an If / Then / Else statement to cover this.

IF a negative thought enters your mind or is communicated to you
THEN - Replace this with a flipped version of the negative - CONVERT TO POSITIVE
ELSE (when all else fails) redirect your mind to something positive or something that gives you hope.
Hope is key for me. When I have something to look forward to, I can deal with almost any situation. For me, it's hope about creating something new, learning something new or trying something new. I hope for a brighter day and inspired day and it keeps me going ...

You can’t go through the day thinking negative thoughts and expect to live in victory.
Whether we think we can … or think we can’t - we’re right.

Respectfully, the experts do not always have it right. A diagnosis does not determine your outcome. In reality, what do you have to lose by trying? Don't accept something as final.

Sometimes we may feel something in our heart that doesn’t make any sense. We feel it in our bones. It’s important. We know we are meant to do it. Listen to this voice … manage its timing, but make it happen.

Reprogram your software with what God says about you.
You’re blessed
You’re forgiven
You’re loved
You are enough
If a perfect storm hits … sometimes we have to close our business. We may encounter unexpected roadblocks. A virus may impact our world. This might impact our fire. Maybe we’re stuck on replay, replaying the things we regret.

In this case our software has become contaminated. 

If you are reminding yourself of every mistake you’ve made, every weakness. If you against yourself you will never fulfill your destiny.

The past is the past, quit beating yourself up.
Delete these thoughts and put on a new recording. Put on the positive track.

Sometimes it’s the negative things others have spoken over us.

Words are seeds they can take root and life in our thoughts.
Too often we latch onto negative. We latch on and create a stronghold. If you are latched onto something you heard 20 years ago. Rather than replay this over and over. Take inventory of your thought life.

What do you believe about yourself. Ask yourself, where did these thoughts come from? Now that you've identified the source or the issue - quarantine those thoughts just like you would in Malware Bytes. Don't listen to the malware. Don't let your system become overrun with inaccurate messaging. - Don’t listen to the wrong voices.

Who told you that you are not talented? That you are not good enough? They were wrong - Delete those messages and replace them with a positive variation.

You have no future — DELETE 

God has a purpose for you and you are here for a powerful purpose.

You have no money - DELETE

I am blessed. Opportunity is coming my way.
You have no education it’s impossible.

Delete - Delete - Delete
God is opening up doors, connecting me to the right people.

No one can make us feel inferior without our permission.
Eleanor Roosevelt
You are not as good as your brothers - DELETE
You are not talented enough - DELETE
You are not qualified - DELETE
I’m not smart enough - DELETE
I don’t have a degree - DELETE
You will never be successful - you don’t have what it takes - DELETE

Are there any viruses contaminating your computer?

We may not be able to stop the negative voices from coming, but we can choose whether or not we dwell on them. 

You will never amount to anything - DELETE

I am well able, I will fulfill my destiny.
Everything changes when you hit the delete button.
You are a masterpiece. You are one of a kind. You have seeds of greatness. You are strong, talented, beautiful.
Some of us have been through unfair situations. We can easily go around feeling bad, low self esteem, low self worth.

Hit the delete button. Release the stronghold. You are crowned with favor. You have an amazing future in front of you.

God didn’t put the promise in someone else - he put it in you. It’s your dream. You own it. It’s your purpose not theirs. Go for your dreams. Listen to the inner-voice that nudges you to do something.

Listen to and watch the inspirational stories that show anything is possible. Check out watch Marie Forleo, search for inspirational messages on Youtube. Check out Earl Nightengale's "The Strangest Secret" (#lifechanging)

Our mind is like a computer whatever we program is what we create. Our thoughts become things.

Have a beautiful day my friends.

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