Every child benefits from learning to code

oding for kids? Are you kidding me? This is how most parents would have reacted a decade ago. Coding for children back then sounded impossible. However, what seemed impossible then has almost become a necessity today.

Learning to code is, quite literally, learning a new language. Hence, envisioning children building apps was quite impossible back then. However, if we think carefully, no one likes a blank slate. The reason coding sounded like such a daunting task is because they did not grasp the full idea of what coding exactly is. 

Before deciding to learn anything, one should first understand what they’re learning, whether they have an interest in it, and lastly, whether they’re good at what they’re learning. Only then can one calculate the chances and envision children performing something efficiently in the future. 

Hence, what seems impossible now, may become child’s play later. Any foreign idea sounds challenging and impossible at first. But once you dive into it, it suddenly starts making sense!
What is Coding for Children?
Coding for children is nothing but a series of fun and gamified activities that give them the opportunity to learn to code in the process. These activities keep them engaged in the learning process and mould their young minds to adapt to this new language. 

While it may be difficult to imagine kids adapting to such a complex activity, in reality, it has been made easy. Thanks to coding summer camps, websites, tutorials, videos available on the internet, and exciting programming toys, even the youngest children can learn the basics of coding.
Why Every Child Should Learn How to Code
It was only a few years ago that the STEM education hype was building. However, if we look at the stats from 2018, we have not come very far. The stats show that 71% of the jobs in STEM are based on computing. Nevertheless, only 8% of this is filled by people who have a computer science background.

There are jobs that pay very well in computer science. However, there are not enough people with the required qualifications to fill the gap. Coding is a smart choice because  soft skills like creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration among other skills are honed along with learning to code. 
Coding is Trending
As the stats suggest, the world is in need of expert coders. People with a computer science background who have a good knowledge of coding are sought by many companies. Learning to code will automatically improve your child’s odds of securing a lucrative job in a world where there is a serious shortage of Computer Science Majors!
Helps Gain a Better Understanding of the World
There are billions of people who use computers, smartphones, tablets, yet very few understand their functioning. Basic programming ideas will change your child’s perspective of the tech-world for the better. This again increases your child’s competitive edge during admissions and job interviews. 
Problem Solving, Creativity, and Persistence
Coding is a language that one can use to express themselves through technology. With coding, children do not just consume digital media but also create things to express. They learn how to take a complex set of problems and break it into parts to resolve it. They learn to logically analyze situations. Most importantly, they discipline themselves so that they make mistakes and learn from them. They learn to be persistent 
 as they are solving and creating. 
Coding Enhances Communication 
Coding can improve communication among children from a very young age. They learn how to resolve problems in simple terms and communicate with computers easily. In any industry, it is important to express complex ideas in simple terms, and that’s exactly what coding nurtures among children. 
Free Tools to Dive in and Learn Coding
Coding is an essential skill to learn, so why should it involve a complex procedure to start learning? There are many different tools available online that can help you understand and learn to code, and that too for free!
BitDegree offers standard courses ranging from programming to game development. All you need to do is choose a language and start learning. BitDegree also incorporates blockchain in the learning process that includes transparent rewards and achievements to measure success. 
Coursera has more than a hundred coding courses. It offers tutorials, code-based courses, and resources to learn from. They partner with some of the best professors and teachers from different universities. All courses on this site are completely free. However, if someone wants to receive a certificate, they need to pay. 
Code Academy
Code Academy is one of the popular sites to learn to code. They offer a wide range of programs and courses from basic introductions to advanced programming. There are over 300 million hours of coding content available for free.
edX is a great open-source higher education learning platform. The site has a diverse range of categories that extends beyond programming and coding. Although there are paid courses available on the platform, there is enough free content to teach you the basics of coding.
Develop Your Coding Skills Today!
A computer science genius is always welcome in any industry. This skill has now become a necessity. With coding, you don’t just open the door to many opportunities, you also enhance your skills and creativity in the process. 

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