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Successful Negotiations: A MasterClass

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The complete developer: Zero to Mastery

 CodeTeachers is a Top STEM Program that prepares Kids and Teens for College business and life success- CodeTeachers offers Live Interactive and Immersive Experience like no other that emulates a classroom and offers learning and socialization.- CodeTeachers was one of the earliest coding programs for kids founded by industry experts (parents and coders).

CodeTeachers was inspired by Abbey Moore & Christian Moore. Abbey learned to code at 7 and graduated high school at 15 and is currently pursuing a medical degree.  Christian is an elite programmer with his own computer business.- Every enrollment provides a free course to a low-income or special needs student- 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching- Interactive Learning Games & Real World Projects- Unlimited Help & Support- Tailored Instruction- Harvard Educated Teachers- Virtual Field Trips- Learn to Launch a Startup- Teachers with Heart

After School Kids Tech Coding, Design & YouTube Live Online

Nina Thompson

Vp Product, google ventures

John Tyler

Head of cx, salesforce

Nick Smith

Senior po, hello moday
Kids learn coding and design skills and learn while creating their own game! 3 Classes Per Week Learn Coding, Design, YouTube Creation and more!
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