Wealth Experiment

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Learn tech, design, digital marketing and how to generate income online (via experimentation)

Join us on the adventure of testing money-making ideas to see what works and share the process and results with you. We all see the earn 20k+ ads online. Join us to experiment and test the ideas to see what really works. 

Watch the experiment and follow-along or join in and build along side us. Live weekly worksessions breaking down exactly how we're performing discovery, designing, building, marketing, launching and growing.

Those cool #Tiktok #entrepreneur ideas - lets test them out! Join us for a fun ride to wealth.

Live worksessions Sundays 7 p.m (approx 2 hours). 

Follow along on tiktok or instagram too:
Join Ashley & Abbey on this awesome adventure!

Explore: Design, Coding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce and more as we put income generation experiments to the test.

Wealth experiment #1 begins June 25, 2023 7p.m.
This is completely free - no strings whatsoever. Experiment with us.

Wealth Experiment begins June 25, 2023

Wealth Experiment Sundays at 7 p.m. begins January 8, 2023.
Live worksessions and recorded experiments

Let's put those online money making ideas to work. Master the skills to generate online success.

I'm Ashley Kays and I'm a lot like you. I have so many ideas and dreams and I see the ads describing opportunities to generate thousands of dollars online monthly. 

I've tested some of these ideas successfully already so I know that they can work. I was part of a team that generated 1.5 Million a month in affiliate revenue. How'd we do it? Great affiliate offers, Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, links and lots of creativity. 

I want to see if we can reproduce those results and put the claims to the test for affiliate sites, dropshipping, printables, etc. We'll explore the ideas on TikTok and test them out.

Let's do this!
"I was working on my own income generating ideas and wanted to share the process and then I thought ... Why don't we test the ads, courses and tiktoks we encounter to find the ideas that produce the best results! This is going to be a fun and rewarding journey. We hope you'll join us as we all learn something new.

Ashley, Abbey & Crew

Experimenter & Strategist
Tech Family 
Creating Generational Wealth 


Let's put those wealth claims to the test! Join us for the Wealth Experiment

Live Worksessions Sunday @ 7 p.m. EST as well recordings and documentation of the progress. Begins June 25, 2023.
Completely Free

Level Up & Launch! Bring your online business idea to life

Does it work? 
That's the question we are experimenting to answer. We'll pick an experiment each month. We'll choose based on claims and research and implement the steps to reproduce the results. 
These projects are genenrally a mix of Creativity, Content Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Strategy and Search Engine Optimization. We'll combine these ingredients to see how the receipe turns out. This experiment is free. You can follow along - there are some tools you may need to perform some of the activities. 

Looking forward to building with you. 
Let's make new friends, learn new skills and make money. This is your year!

Join the Wealth Experiment

Does it work? That's the question we'll be exploring. 

Experiment and learn the tech, strategy and marketing skills to create online income. 
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